Tarek Talaat Mostafa 
Chairman and Managing Director

Tarek was appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of Talaat Mostafa Group Holding in September 2008. Prior to that, he was the Chairman and Managing Director of Alexandria Construction Company, one of the largest contractors in the MENA Region. He is also the Executive Chairman of other companies as Alexandria for Electrical Works, Alexandria for Glass Manufacturing, Alexandria for Tunnels and Alexandria for Construction and Decoration, in addition to being a board member of a number of the real estate development companies in the group. He is an elected member of the Egyptian Parliament and chairs its Housing and Infrastructure Committee, a member of the National Democratic Party, the Board of the Egyptian Construction Contractors Union, and the National Union of the Chambers of Commerce, as well as being the founder of the Youth Association of Sidi Gaber. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University in 1975.

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